FAQs For Wallpapers & Wall Murals

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1. What material are your wallpapers printed on?
Currently, we are offering four premium wallpaper materials:
• Peel and Stick SMOOTH vinyl : Luster white finish, Phthalate-free vinyl & Flame resistant.
• Peel and Stick CANVAS textured vinyl: Matte white finish, Phthalate-free vinyl & Flame resistant.
• Pre-Pasted: Matte off-white, PVC-free wallpaper, Flame resistant & Water activated.
• Traditional (unpasted): Matte off-white, PVC-free wallpaper & Flame resistant. (It needs paste and is not included.)

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2. Comparison between peel and stick wallpaper and regular wallpaper?
Peel and stick wallpaper is like a giant sticker for your walls. To apply it, you peel off the backing paper and stick the panel on your wall, smoothing it down. Repeat this for each panel, aligning the edges carefully. Trim the edges with a knife for a neat finish. Unlike regular wallpaper, Peel and stick wallpaper can be easily removed by peeling it off without leaving any mess.

Regular wallpaper is a little bit difficult to install and remove. First, you must prime the wall before applying the adhesive-backed paper, smoothing out air bubbles and trimming the edges neatly. Removing regular wallpaper can involve different methods, such as dry stripping, steaming, or using chemicals, which can take time.

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3. Comparison between prepasted and peel and stick wallpaper.
Peel and stick wallpaper works like a big sticker for your walls. You peel off the backing, stick it on, and smooth it out, repeating for each section. You match the edges with overlapping, then trim with an X-Acto knife for clean lines.

Unlike regular wallpaper, Peel and stick comes off cleanly without residue. Water-activated wallpaper is less messy than regular but still needs prep. It's pre-glued but needs soaking to activate. Removal for both types involves various methods like dry removal, steaming, or chemicals, which can be messy and require wall repairs.

Learn about our peel and stick wallpaper material.

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4. What makes moose accents a better option for peel and stick wallpaper?
Our wallpapers are odor-free and suitable for indoor use. We use Greenguard Certified Latex Inks, ensuring safety for our customers and environmental friendliness.
5. Does removable wallpaper damage walls?
Moose accents Peel and stick wallpaper is designed to be gentle on walls and leaves no residue after removal. To achieve optimal results, avoid applying the wallpaper on freshly painted surfaces or surfaces painted within the last four weeks.
6. Does your wallpaper contain any harmful chemicals?
Our material doesn't contain phthalates, and we use Greenguard certified water based inks which is much safer than regular inks. We've also included more eco-friendly options in our wallpaper materials, such as unpasted traditional material and prepasted water-activated wallpaper. These materials are PVC-free and made from non-woven fibers and wood pulp.
7. How do I clean my wallpaper?
We suggest using a damp cloth with clean water at room temperature for cleaning. Avoid using cleaning products or any harsh chemicals to prevent smudging colours. Do not scrub or use brushes on the surface.
1. How many rolls of wallpaper do i need?
Use our handy wallpaper calculator tool to estimate your wallpaper needs by inputting your wall's height, width, and preferred material. Alternatively, measure your wall's width and height directly. The height determines the roll size; for instance, a 96-inch high wall requires a 96-inch panel height. Your wall's width indicates the number of rolls needed. Divide your wall width with 24.5 and you will get an approximate number and you can round up that number to the next full number. For example, if you have 144 inches wide wall divide 144/24.5 you will get 5.87 and if you round up this number you will need 6 rolls. If you are facing any issue you can contact us and share your wall measurements, and we can suggest the right amount of wallpaper you need or we can discuss custom sizing options.

Use our wallpaper calculator tool.
2. My wall is not a rectangle — how do I figure out how many rolls I need?
No need to worry—we have expertise in assisting customers with ordering uniquely shaped walls. We've created a comprehensive guide covering various wall types and measurement methods. However, if your wall type isn't listed, contact us. Send a rough sketch or diagram of your space, a couple of photos, including the maximum width and height, and any other relevant details to hello@mooseaccents.com. We're here to assist you and look forward to hearing from you!

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3. How can I order a sample?
To get a sample, choose the sample size 10 x 8 inches from the drop down menu on any wallpaper or mural page, add it to your cart, and complete your order. Check the images for our colour chart with 96 options if you want a specific colour. You can personalize the background and pattern using these options. We can't customize that design's colour if the colour chart isn't shown in the listing.
4. Can I get custom-sized wallpaper rolls?
We offer wallpaper rolls in a standard size of 24.5 inches wide, with heights of 70, 96, 108, and 120 inches. If your space requires a different size, whether smaller or larger, please get in touch with us. We can assist in creating custom-sized wallpaper rolls to fit your needs.
5. Can full wallpaper be one full roll?
Simple answer is No, We recommend applying multiple 24.5 inch wide panels, rather than a single huge panel. We know seam matching the panels is intimidating for some, but sick with us! The reason why we recommend multiple panels, rather than one big panel, is because it's basically impossible to apply one giant removable wallpaper panel. You'll have crazy air bubbles, a crooked panel, and it will just be a bad experience overall. We like to set up our customers for success, so we know you'll be happy going with the standard size panels.
6. Can I get a full scale sample of my wallpaper?
Our samples are 10 inches wide by 8 inches high. We'll send you two sample sheets: one to see the actual scale of the wallpaper and another to view full-size patterns and the complete design. This is crucial because most of our wallpapers and murals feature large-scale designs; only a tiny part is visible in a 10x8 inch piece at full scale. Please check the website images and product details for each listing to understand the pattern's scale better.
7. Can I order customized wallpaper in a custom colour?
We enjoy creating personalized colour wallpapers. Not all our wallpapers can be customized, so please inquire beforehand. Our custom colour options are in the product images, we offer 96 colour options for customization. If you need any assistance in customize the colour of your wallpaper feel free to reach out for help from our team.
1. How do you install peel and stick wallpaper? How to hang self-adhesive wallpaper?
At Moose Accents, we provide simple instructions for applying your wallpaper. First, clean your surface, peel off the top part of the wallpaper backing and stick it to your surface, starting from the top and moving downwards. Remember to remove switch plates and outlet covers beforehand. Our wallpapers are quick to install and help achieve a professional appearance!

Read detailed installation guidelines
2. I am installing wallpaper for the first time. Do you have any tips or tricks for first-time wallpaper installers?
Absolutely! We receive emails like this almost daily: "I like this wallpaper, but I'm unsure if I can install it... I've never worked with wallpaper before and am not very skilled." We assure you that you can indeed install our wallpaper successfully. We have seen beautiful results from beginners who have followed these steps:

1. Take your time and proceed slowly.
2. Begin with the panel at the top of the wall, ensuring its level and straight.
3. Make sure your wall is light-coloured, smooth, and dry.
4. Address any air bubbles immediately by lifting the wallpaper, releasing the air, and then smoothing it down again. Avoid fixing air bubbles after the entire panel is already on the wall.
5. If you notice slight misalignment in the design, prioritize aligning it perfectly at eye level and accept minimal misalignment at the top and bottom of the wall, as this is common in wallpaper due to stretching during printing and rolling. Professional installers use this technique as well.
3. How to install wallpaper around the window?
To apply wallpaper around a window, start by installing the panel at the wall's top as usual. When you reach the window's top, trim the panel (using scissors is fine for a rough cut, leaving a bit of extra material for precise trimming later). Next, below the window, locate a pattern section that matches the adjacent panel. If there's excess material at the top of the panel, trim it for easier handling. Then, ensuring the seams align correctly, position the panel below the window beside the previous panel. Use a knife or sharp blade to trim the panel's top and bottom for a perfect fit.
4. Where can I use my peel and stick wallpapers?
We suggest using our wallpapers and murals on smooth, light-coloured walls. They work well for both temporary and permanent decoration. However, we advise against using them on brick, unpainted cement, textured walls, heavily painted surfaces, MDF, or porous materials.
1. Can I reposition my wallpaper or wall murals?
Yes! Our high-quality Peel and stick wallpaper materials are designed to easily remove and reposition whenever necessary. Importantly, they do not cause any damage to walls or leave any residue.
2. Can the wallpapers or murals damage my walls?
Our Peel and stick wallpapers and murals are crafted from a removable vinyl material that has undergone testing to ensure they won't cause damage or leave any residue on your walls.
3. How long will the wallpapers & wall murals last on the walls?
Our wallpapers and wall murals are designed for durability, lasting several years when properly installed. For detailed instructions, please refer to our How-to section.
4. Can you put wallpaper on textured walls?
In most cases, textured walls can be tricky for wallpaper because they may stick poorly, or the texture might show through, even if they are thick. Whether Peel and stick wallpaper will work on your walls depends on how textured they are. To determine if Moose Accents' removable wallpaper suits your needs, we recommend getting a sample to test it first. Samples are affordable and available in all designs from our shop.
5. Can you use wallpaper in the kitchen?
Of course! Our Peel and stick wallpaper is an excellent choice for kitchen applications. It offers easy installation and is washable with mild soap and water.
6. Can you use wallpaper in the bathroom?
Absolutely! Our wallpapers can work in your bathroom! However, the bathroom needs proper ventilation to help the wallpaper last on the wall. Vents, exhausts, and windows would allow the water to dissipate faster. When you create steam in the bathroom, make sure you properly ventilate the bathroom so no residue leaks through the corners. Make sure your bathroom is completely dry before installing and preparing the wall. Once you install your wallpaper, let it cure for 24 hours before start using your bathroom.
7. Can I use peel and stick wallpaper on temporary walls?
YES! Our wallpaper is suitable for smooth and dry surfaces. We recommend ordering a sample to test it first hand if you require additional time. Samples are accessible for every design in our store. For further information regarding our samples, please click this link.
8. Can you put peel and stick wallpaper over old wallpaper?
Generally, our Peel and stick wallpaper is most effective on light-toned walls, making it less suitable for vibrant or patterned wallpaper backgrounds. Before completing the application, it is advisable to buy a sample for testing purposes. Samples are accessible for all designs in our store.
9. Can you reuse removable wallpaper?
In theory, it's possible, but in practical use, there are challenges. Removable wallpaper tends to lose adhesive strength after being taken down, and during transportation, it can gather dust, pet hair, or other particles, hindering its ability to stick properly when reapplied. Careful removal is necessary to avoid stretching the paper, which could make it difficult to match patterns when trying to reapply it.