FAQs For Wall Decals

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1. What exactly are wall decals?
Wall decals, also known as wall stickers, are usually thin vinyl sheets printed on one side or made from solid-coloured vinyl with an adhesive backing. They adhere smoothly to walls and surfaces without needing nails or glue.
2. What material is used in your decals?
Our wall decals are made with premium peel and stick vinyl material.
3. Comparison between solid decals and printed decals?
Solid Decals: These are typically made from a single-color vinyl material. They are uniform in colour throughout and have a glossy finish.

Printed Decals: These are made using digital printing technology, which allows for intricate designs, multiple colours, gradients, and photo-realistic images. They can have various finishes, such as matte, glossy, or satin.
4. What makes moose accents a better option for peel and stick wall decals?
Regular wall decals stick to surfaces using adhesive, which can leave behind residue or damage the paint when removed. Moose Accent wall decals, on the other hand, use a special adhesive that sticks securely but doesn't leave any residue or damage when taken off. They can also be reused without losing their effectiveness.
5. Do removable decals damage walls?
No, our peel and stick wall decals are tested multiple times for removal from the wall without damaging your walls.
6. Do your printed wall decals contain any harmful chemicals?
Feel assured as you decorate with Moose Accent's wall decals and wallpaper. They are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, ensuring safety in your space. Our wall decals use Greenguard-certified water-based inks, making them safer than standard inks and suitable for kids and pets.
7. How do I clean my wall decals?
We suggest using a damp cloth with clean water at room temperature for cleaning. Avoid using cleaning products or any harsh chemicals to prevent smudging colours. Do not scrub or use brushes on the surface.
1. Can I get a custom-sized wall decal?
We are happy to customize the size to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss custom-size wall decals.
2. Can I get a custom colour wall decal?
All the wall decals available in moose accents can be customized in colour. You can check custom colour options in product listing images. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance customizing your colour.
1. How to install peel and stick wall decals without transfer tape?
For decals that do not come with transfer tape, you can peel and stick them on the wall without needing additional tools. To determine what works best on your wall, try spacing them tightly and farther apart. Take pictures of both options to refer back to if you need help deciding. Once you've decided on the spacing, keep moving on that design and simply you can just peel the decal and install on the walls.
2. How to install peel and stick wall decals with transfer tape?
Use scissors to cut and separate the decals that came in the sheets. Then, wait to remove the transfer tape. To determine what works best on your wall, try sticking the decals onto the wall with painter's tape, spacing them tightly AND farther apart. Take pictures of both options to refer back to if you need help. Once you've decided on the spacing you want, take one decal and slowly peel away the backing paper, ensuring the decal stays with the transfer tape. Then, apply the sticker onto the wall, starting with one side and using a felt squeegee or something similar to flatten and apply the decal. Carefully remove the transfer tape by peeling it away at a 45-degree angle, ensuring the decal stays adhered to the surface.
3. Where can I use my peel and stick wall decals?
We suggest using our wall decals on smooth, light-coloured walls. They work well for both temporary and permanent decoration. However, we advise against using them on brick, unpainted cement, textured walls, heavily painted surfaces, MDF, or porous materials.
1. Can I reposition my wallpaper or wall decals?
Our high-quality peel-and-stick wall decals are designed to be easily removed and repositioned whenever necessary. Significantly, they do not damage walls or leave any residue.
2. Can the wall decals damage my walls?
Our peel-and-stick wallpapers and decals are crafted from a removable vinyl material that has undergone testing to ensure they won't cause damage or leave any residue on your walls.
3. How long will the wallpapers or decals last on the walls?
Our wallpapers and wall decals are designed for durability, lasting several years when properly installed.

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4. Can you put wall decals on textured walls?
In most cases, textured walls can be tricky for wall decals because they may stick poorly, or the texture might show through, even if they are thick. So we don’t recommend using decals on textured walls.
5. Can I use peel and stick wallpaper on temporary walls?
YES! Our wall decals are suitable for smooth and dry surfaces. It can be easily applied and removed without any challenge.