How to measure your wall for wallpaper

How to measure your wall for wallpaper.

Ultimate Guide : How to measure your wall for wallpaper 

When it comes to transforming the look and feel of a room, wallpaper can work wonders. However, measuring your walls is an essential part of the process before you embark on your wallpapering project. This step-by-step guide will walk you through measuring a wall for wallpaper installation. You can ensure a smooth and successful wallpaper application with the right measurements.

Measuring Tools

Before we dive into the measurement process, let's gather the necessary tools:

  1. Measuring tape: An accurate measuring tape is crucial for precise measurements.
  2. Pencil or pen: You'll need something to write the measurements of your wall
  3. Notebook: Keep a notepad handy to jot down the measurements and calculations.

Now that your measuring tools are ready proceed to the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Prepare

Before you start measuring, make sure to prepare the wall and the surrounding area. Follow these steps:

  1. Clear the wall: Remove any objects, frames, or decorations hanging on the wall.
  2. Clean the wall: Wipe the surface to remove dust, dirt, or imperfections that might affect measurements.
  3. Inspect the wall: Look for cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces. Address any necessary repairs before measuring.

Step 2: Measure

Now it's time to measure your wall accurately. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Start from a corner: Choose a corner of the wall as your starting point.
  2. Measure the width: Place the measuring tape horizontally and measure the width of the wall. Note down the measurement.
  3. Measure the height: Position the measuring tape vertically and measure the height of the wall. Write down the measurement.
  4. Repeat for multiple walls: If you have more than one wall to measure, repeat the process for each wall separately.

Step 3: Calculate

To ensure you order the right amount of wallpaper, it's important to calculate the total area you need to cover. Here's how:

  1. Calculate the full size: Use our wallpaper calculator tool to determine how many rolls of wallpaper you need to cover your desired space.
  2. Consider pattern repeats: Repeat pattern is another important aspect when planning for a wallpaper project. Check our wallpaper listing photos; you will get information about repeating patterns in that design.

Step 4: Ordering

With your measurements and calculations complete, it's time to order the wallpaper. Keep the following in mind:

  1. Order a Sample: colour and wallpaper material are two important things in wallpaper. Wallpaper colour may differ from what you have seen on your mobile or computer screen. Ordering wallpaper samples is always a good option. That will give you an idea about the colour and quality of the wallpaper material.
  2. Account for extra roll: Consider ordering an extra roll or two to have sufficient coverage and allow for any mistakes or future repairs.
  3. Consider professional installation: If you are not diy friendly, It may be worth consulting a professional installer if you need clarification on wallpapering or have a complex pattern. However, our peel and stick wallpaper is easy to install.

Step 5: Conclusion

Congratulations! You've successfully measured your wall for wallpaper installation. By following this step-by-step process, you can ensure accurate measurements and a smooth wallpapering process. Remember to take your time, double-check your measurements, and enjoy the transformation of your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I measure multiple walls at once?
Measuring each wall separately is generally recommended, as this ensures more accurate measurements. However, if the walls are connected and have the same dimensions, you can measure them together.

Should I include windows and doors in the measurements?
When measuring for wallpaper, it's advisable to exclude windows and doors from your measurements. Only measure the solid wall surface you plan to cover with wallpaper.

What if my wall has irregular shapes or features?
If your wall has irregular shapes, recesses, or features like built-in shelves, measure the widest and tallest points. Having slightly more wallpaper than needed is better than falling short.

Should I add extra measurements for pattern repeats?
Yes, if your wallpaper has a repeating pattern, you should add extra measurements to account for this. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the specific pattern repeat size and follow their recommendations.

What if I have multiple rolls of wallpaper?
If you have multiple rolls of wallpaper, ensure they come from the same batch to avoid variations in colour or pattern. Mixing the rolls as you hang them to distribute subtle differences is also a good idea.

How can I avoid mistakes when measuring for wallpaper?
To avoid mistakes, double-check your measurements, take time, and use a quality & accurate measuring tape. It's always better to measure twice and order once. If you need more clarification, If you need assistance at any point, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for help.

In conclusion, measuring a wall for wallpaper installation is crucial in ensuring a successful and visually appealing result. By following the steps outlined in this guide, utilizing the right tools, and taking accurate measurements, you'll be well-prepared to transform your space with beautiful wallpaper.