Customized Wallpaper For Your Home: Custom Colour, Size, Pattern and Background

Customized Wallpaper For Your Home: Custom Colour, Size, Pattern and Background

Personalized Wallpaper for Your Unique Style

Are you tired of the same old, cookie-cutter wallpaper designs that don't match the aesthetic of your home? Do you have specific colour preferences that you wish your wallpaper could reflect? Look only as far as Moose Accents, your one-stop destination for customizable wallpaper solutions. We understand that each home is unique, and your walls deserve to reflect your style. Whether you're looking for wall decals, murals, or traditional wallpaper, we've got you covered.

Why Customize Your Wallpaper?
Traditional wallpaper might be readily available but only sometimes cater to your preferences. When you've invested time and effort into creating an interior design that truly speaks to you, your wallpaper should complement that vision, not clash with it. This is where customization plays a crucial role. At Moose Accents, we empower you to personalize your wallpaper in two key ways:

Colour Customization: We offer a stunning range of 84 beautiful colours for our solid pattern wallpaper. Whether you're aiming for a serene, monochromatic vibe or a vibrant, eclectic look, we have the perfect colour to suit your taste.

Size Customization: Say goodbye to the limitations of standard rolls and panels. Our custom-size wallpaper service allows you to order precisely the amount you need, reducing waste and saving you money. Have an intricate wall layout or specific areas you want to cover? No problem! We'll work with your measurements to ensure a seamless fit.

Seamless Pattern Matching: The Challenge of Wallpaper Installation
One of the most significant challenges in wallpaper installation is pattern matching. When you use pre-rolled wallpaper and try to install it horizontally, you often end up with disjointed patterns that look unprofessional and unappealing. At Moose Accents, we understand the importance of seamless pattern continuity, which is why our custom-size wallpaper ensures that your design flows effortlessly from one section to another, regardless of the dimensions of your walls.

Providing Us with Measurements: Easy as 1-2-3 We understand that only some people are experts at measuring walls, and that's perfectly fine! Our goal is to make the customization process as simple and hassle-free as possible. If you need assistance with measurements, follow these easy steps:

Photos: Take clear pictures of your walls, capturing the entire area you want to cover.

Rough Sketch: Alternatively, you can create a rough sketch of your wall layout, indicating the dimensions and any specific areas you want wallpapering.

Contact Us: Contact our friendly team, and we'll guide you through the rest. Our experts will work with your provided information to ensure accurate measurements and a perfect fit for your customized wallpaper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I choose any colour from the 84 options available?
Yes, absolutely! Please find the exact colour that suits your style and vision.

Can I customize both the background colour and the pattern colour?
Yes, you can customize both aspects of your wallpaper for a truly unique look.

What if I need a non-rectangular wallpaper shape?
We can accommodate non-rectangular conditions too! Just provide us with the measurements, and we'll handle the rest.

Will my customized wallpaper be more expensive than pre-rolled options?
Our customization options are competitively priced, and you'll only pay for what you need, making it a cost-effective choice.

Can I see a sample of my custom wallpaper before ordering?
Yes, you can order customized sample of wallpaper with your customization from our website at ordering sample is best option to see look and feel of your customized wallpaper.

Do you offer installation services?
We currently offer installation service around GTA (Greater Toronto Area) but we can recommend professional installers in your area.

Can I remove the wallpaper easily if I want to change it in the future?
Yes our peel and stick wallpapers are designed to be removable without causing damage to your walls. Just follow our instructions for a smooth removal process.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship our customized wallpapers worldwide, ensuring everyone can enjoy their unique designs and we also provide free shipping in USA & Canada.

Can I use your wallpaper for commercial spaces or offices?
Absolutely! Our customization options extend to commercial spaces, helping you create a unique environment for your business.

What is the typical turnaround time for custom wallpaper orders?
Our team works efficiently to fulfill orders promptly. The turnaround time varies based on the complexity and size of the order, but we'll provide an estimated delivery date when you place your order.

At Moose Accents, your walls should reflect your personality and style. With our customizable wallpaper options, you can transform your space into a stunning reflection of your individuality. Don't settle for generic designs; embrace the power of personalization and make your home truly yours.